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Title Filesize
The Journey - and the Verdict - March 1 2015-32kbps.mp35.018564(MB)
The Journey - Before the Sanhedrin - Feb 22 2015-32kbps.mp36.230959(MB)
Glorious - Feb 15 2015-32kbps.mp36.763544(MB)
The Prayer - Feb 8 2015 - 32kbps.mp36.987883(MB)
Victory - Feb 1 2015 - 32kbps.mp38.659302(MB)
Answering The Call - Jan 25 2015-32kbps.mp37.1698(MB)
From His Presence To His People - Jan 18 2015-32kbps.mp36.48675(MB)
Jesus' Baptism - Jan 11 2015 - 32kbps.mp37.016827(MB)
Chosen for a Purpose - Jan 4 2015-32kbps.mp36.761976(MB)
A Light of Revelation - Dec 28 2014- 32kbps.mp35.315628(MB)
Established - At Just the Right Time - Dec 21 2014 - 32kbps.mp35.431926(MB)
Getting Ready - Dec 14 2014-32kbps.mp35.741424(MB)
What Happened to Christmas - Dec. 7 2014-32kbps.mp38.4242(MB)
At His Coming - Nov 30 2014 - 32kbps.mp34.92212(MB)
Eucharisteo - Nov 23 2014 - 32kbps.mp310.677209(MB)
Sharing in the Master's Happiness - Nov 16 2014-32kbps.mp37.903736(MB)
Be Careful What You Ask For - And Ready - Nov9 2014 - 32kbps.mp36.689983(MB)
You Just Can't Do It - Nov 2 2014 - 32kbps.mp35.7013(MB)
Koinonia - October 26 2014 - 32kpbs.mp36.523112(MB)
The Promises of God - Generosity - Oct 19 2014 - 32kbps.mp35.934626(MB)
The Promises of God - Walking in the Promises- Oct 12 2014-32kbps.mp310.306584(MB)
The Promises of God - Taking Hold - Oct 5 2014-32kbps.mp38.14354(MB)
God's Not Finished - Sept 28 2014-32kbps.mp38.454711(MB)
The Promises of God - Problem or Pathway - Sept 21 2014-32kbps.mp36.880468(MB)
The Promises of God - Forgiveness and Confidence - Sept 14 2014-32kbps.mp38.814469(MB)
The Promises of God - The Influence of Words - Sept 7 2014-32kbps.mp37.428099(MB)


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