Call Committee

Steps to calling a pastor

  • Notify the Circuit Counselor that a vacancy exists.
  • Arrange for the District President's pre-call meeting.
  • Initiate the congregational self-stuy process.
  • Check the constitution of the congregation to find out the congregational procedure for calling a Pastor.
  • Make arrangements for a vacancy Pastor.
  • Send self-study and associated documents to District President.
  • Receive nominations from the congregation for the office of Pastor.
  •     Send the names of suggested Pastors to the District President.
  •     Publish the call list -- District returns the recommended call list to the congregation/Circuit Counselor verifies the Pastors' openness to a call.
  •     Call committee conducts pre-call telephone interviews for each Pastor.
  •     Contact District President and Circuit Counselor regarding the date for the first call meeting of the congregation.
  •     Per Epiphany bylaws, the General Assembly shall vote on the candidates, and a call shall be extended to the one receiving a majority of the votes (if call is returned, the process shall be repeated until the vacancy is filled).
  •     Prepare a letter that will be sent to the Pastor-Eelect along with the call document, describing the congregation, the facilities, the community, the challenges, the opportunities, etc.
  •     Make arrangements for a visit from the Pastor-Elect and his wife.
  •     After the call is accepted, contact the District President, and the Circuit Counselor to make arrangements for the service of the installation.


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